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Walls Construction’s ESG commitment to sustainability applies companywide and includes our branding and marketing activities. Accordingly, we took great consideration when choosing our new staff apparel range for 2023.

Our supply partner, Leading Edge Marketing & Promotions Ltd was tasked with identifying companies using the very latest in sustainable manufacturing and procurement methods, and the following were chosen:

Russell Europe for their innovative Bionic Softshell Jacket, which is fluorine and PFC free and uses the environmentally friendly Bionic-Finish ECO® and the sustainable insulation DUPONT™ SORONA® made from 37% plant-based material.

Nimbus of Copenhagen for its comprehensive sustainability policy and focus, which includes ethical pledges such as No Live Plucking for down material and the use of recycled fabrics from plastic bottles and textile waste. Their selected apparel is made from organic cotton with stronger fibres and unique non-halogenated, APEO-free, fluorine-free formulations.

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