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Environmental, Social & Governance

At Walls we recognise that we must be transparent about the impact we are having, measure it accurately, and take clear action to minimise that impact.

Walls ESG Progress Report No. 2 - Year 2022

All businesses have an impact on the world

They include but are not limited to, Land Use , Water Consumption , Carbon Emissions, Toxic Pollution, use of Scarce Material , Well-Being and Social Justice. We recognise that we must be transparent about the impact we are having, measure it accurately, and take clear action to minimise that impact, which is why as an organisation, Walls Construction have embarked on our ESG journey. This journey will continue to build on much of the work we have already done in our business through our years of successful certification to standards ISO 14001 and 45001 as well as our ongoing commitment to work sustainably and conscientiously as per our clients' requirements.

We at Walls Construction have determined our Sustainability Strategy and ESG goals based on many of the 17 UN sustainability Goals. This is outlined throughout the plan in each goal section and allows us to ensure our ESG plan is relevant and works towards a globally agreed and shared blueprint.


Objective: Outline the WCL Social & Governance commitments by reviewing, updating, and communicating all relevant company policies to highlight Social and Governance commitments.

Water Protection & Conservation

Objective: Manage water usage and wastewater discharges on all sites during 2022.


  • Record and conserve water usage on sites during 2022.
  • Water Protection – Wastewater treatment / management practices on all sites – No waste water breaches / incidents during 2022

Wastewater system at
Santa Sabina.

Wastewater system at
Clay Farm East Village

Carbon Management

Objective: Reduce carbon emissions throughout the company by 30% by 2025.

Plans:  Carbon Calculation

  • Calculate site baseline Scope 1 & 2 carbon per 1,000 – man hours worked 2022.
  • Document Scope 2 carbon WCL Head Office in 2022.
  • Calculate Scope 1, 2 & 3 carbon on 2 sites during 2022.

Carbon Reduction

  • 10% reduction on 2022 baseline in 2023
  • 20% reduction on 2022 baseline in 2024
  • 30% reduction on 2022 baseline in 2025

Carbon Reduction Initiatives

  • Change to electric vehicles – At least 25% of company vehicles electric during 2022.
  • Introduce work specific office & compound carbon initiatives during 2022.
  • Offset a percentage of the 2022 carbon in 2023.

Bicycle parking area at College Square site.

ECO cabins at our College Square site.


Objective: Promote Environmental Sustainability and Biodiversity Enhancement measures within WCL during 2022.


  • Sign up to the All-Ireland Pollinator Plan 2022.
  • Carry out 10 Pollinator Friendly actions across a number of active sites during 1st half of 2022.
  • Initiate at least 3 Community Engagement Programmes during 2022.
  • Promote biodiversity and sustainability internally within WCL though the Wellness Programme and ISO I4001 System.
  • Sponsor and work in consultation with Environmental Charities to promote and enhance biodiversity during 2022.

Waste Management

Objective: Focus on innovative waste management practices and recycling/recovery initiatives to support a waste management circular economy during 2022.


  • Soil & Stone – 100% of soil and stone away from landfill
  • Concrete – 75% of concrete away from landfill
  • Mixed Construction Waste Materials – 90% of mixed Commercial & Industrial Material away from landfill
  • General – Assess and implement 2 waste management improvement initiatives within the company during 2022.

Waste segregation at Santa Sabina.

Benches made from timber off-cuts from our Two Oaks site.

General & Awards

Objective: Promote and gain recognition for WCL ESG works.


Diversity Plan – work alongside Diversity Ireland to achieve bronze award for 2022 to 2023, silver and gold thereafter.

Green Awards – Make a Green Awards submission for 2023

Considerate Neighbour Strategy

  • Environmental monitoring & compliance on all sites.
  • Community engagement and working relationship in environmental actions.
  • Considerate constructors in place on all projects.

Communication Strategy

  • Media to communicate ESG initiatives and works internally and externally.

Walls Construction have plans to make a 2023 Green Awards submission.