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Along with CGI’s of the completed project, the photos show the erection of the first of four tower cranes on the Marlet Property Group site which was completed earlier this week. The current construction phase of the project commenced during the last week of November and was followed by a mobilisation of the piling contractor and commencement of both structural and slurry wall piles on the 11th of December. The beginning of 2018 will see the continuation and completion of the extensive piling package, in tandem with the commencement of formation of the single storey basement structure across the site.

Cardiff Lane is a significant city centre site, circa 17,000m2, in the prime business district of Dublin 2. The project involves the replacement of existing warehouse buildings and the construction of two 6 and 7 storey blocks, both with single basement.  When construction is complete the development will provide one commercial and one residential building with high grade residential units and office space.  The western block is residential and comprises of 56 apartments while the eastern block is commercial. The proposed development is of high design quality in line with the surrounding Grand Canal Dock area.