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The Road Safety Authority attended our Lidl Ballymun construction site today as part of our Construction Safety Week Driver Safety initiative.They provided their interactive unit which provided Walls staff and other site personnel with various activities highlighting the importance of road safety.

It includes simulated driving practice and hazard perception on cars, motorbikes and bicycles, the use of virtual reality pods, advice on the effects of driver fatigue, how speed affects braking distance, tyre safety, an opportunity to practice the driver theory test and a road safety quiz.

A key feature of the RSA interactive unit is the Roll Over Simulator which is a car body fitted to a rotating hydraulic platform.  The simulation shows how it feels to be involved in a vehicle that turned over in a collision and the lifesaving benefits of wearing a seatbelt (mannequins were used to show what happens to someone not wearing one).

We were delighted to welcome the CIF Director General Tom Parlon and Dermot Carey, Director, Safety and Training to get first hand experience of the RSA Interactive service and we are hugely appreciative to the RSA for their valuable assistance.