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Walls Construction Limited is proud to have the first Raimondi Cranes Luffing Jib Crane in Ireland on our College Square site, delivering another large scale project for our valued client Marlet Property Group.

Normally seen on the skylines of New York or Dubai, this unique and super-efficient crane is ideal for the construction of higher buildings. It has a very low minimum radius due to the hydraulic ram, enabling the crane to achieve a large out of service radius and is a much more efficient system compared to the traditional rope operated luffing crane.

This crane can lift 10 tonnes inside, and over 5 tonnes at the jib tip.It has a 55kw hoisting motor and has an extremely efficient hoisting speed, providing time saving and flexibility in constructing the tallest tower on this development.

The crane can be seen from several vantage points around Dublin city, it is unmistakable on the skyline.

Keep a look out! #sustainableconstruction#efficiency#latesttechnology