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Walls Construction began transitioning to Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil (HVO) fuel for site power in 2022.

One of our ESG goals is to reduce carbon emissions to run a more sustainable business. Our site management teams are continuously exploring technology and available resources to deploy sustainable solutions to day-to-day operational needs, where aspects such as powering plant, equipment and site accommodation are carefully considered from an environmental impact perspective.

All sites work with ESB networks and Pin Energy to secure a connection to mains as soon as possible (as electricity is greener than diesel fuel), however, there is often a need for temporary generators. By switching to HVO to fuel temporary generators with support from GH Energy Rentals Ltd (John Galgey), we are using a low-carbon biofuel that operates as a direct replacement for conventional diesel and can be used in any standard diesel engine. As this fuel is made from renewable and sustainable raw materials, it does not release any new carbon into the atmosphere. At present, 50% of all Walls sites are connected to mains power and of the remaining 50%, 35% of those sites are using HVO fuel. In addition, we are deploying battery operated hybrid generators where possible, further reducing fuel burning and associated emissions.

Our current ESG Progress Report provides more information on our commitment to alternative energy sources.