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Walls Construction Limited was delighted to welcome Colleen Milligan, EMCC EIA , Ireland Ambassador for the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity to some of our sites to speak with our staff regarding mental health and well-being.
The “Help Inside the Hard Hat” campaign was at the very forefront of Colleen’s message to our workers, which provides a huge range of pro-active support and resources for our construction community including a 24/7 Construction Industry Helpline, our free app and mental health training.
The issue of mental health and well-being cannot be underestimated, and it is incumbent on us as a company to do all we can to help and be there for anybody who is struggling in this area.

Colleen visited 3 of our sites today, with a great day of engagement and discussion with many of our staff. Thank you very much, Colleen and the Lighthouse Charity, for all your super work and dedication to our industry.

Also, a big thank you, as ever to Alan Worrall, and all the extended HSE Team (too many heroes to mention!) for their continued efforts to make our workplaces safer, healthier and happier!

For more information on what the Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity can offer please visit:

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