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Introducing Our New Brand Identity


This is our primary logo.

This is our brandmark. Must receive sign off before using.


Our logos should always have space to breathe.

The space around our logos is called the blue zone.


On light backgrounds, use our full-colour logo.

On dark backgrounds, use our white logo.

Embroidering? Please use our two-tone logo.

On darker coloured backgrounds, use our white logo.

Logo Dont's

Do not change the colours of the identity in any way.

Do not compress horizontally in any way.

Do not compress vertically in any way.

Do not use our logo and brand mark together.

Do not change the brand mark colours.

Do not use non-affiliated background colours.


Walls Brand Guidelines

Walls Construction Brand Guidelines have been created to help our partners, licensees, and other authorized third parties understand how to use Walls' brand assets correctly, including Walls logos, trademarks, service marks, and any other word, name, phrase, image, or other designation that identifies the source or origin of any of Walls' services. You are permitted to use the Walls Brand Guidelines only in accordance with these Guidelines and the Walls Style Guide above. Any use of the Walls Brand Assets contrary to the Guidelines or Style Guide is prohibited. Walls Construction reserves the right to revise or update the Guidelines and Style Guide at any time in its sole discretion.