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With works progressing on the rising elements of the Dublin Landings project on North Wall Quay, we recently lifted two of the Level 6 steel transfer beams in to place. Individually these beams span over 9 meters and weight 7.6 and 8.3 tonnes.  We faced a logistical engineering challenge as Level 6, the penultimate floor, is 20 meters above ground level and at this height our insitu tower crane is restricted to a maximum of 7.1 tonnes.

Initially it seemed that we would have to use additional mobile cranes to put these immense beams in to place. This would have involved the cranes being placed on the roadside of North Wall Quay and would have resulted in traffic restrictions and diversions.

We are always conscious of minimising the impact of our works on the local community and opted for a “supervised lift”. This involved temporarily reducing features of our insitu tower crane to boost the lifting capacity by 25%. This allowed the tower crane to lift up to 8.87 tonnes thus enabling the transfer beams to be lifted in to  place and eliminating the need for the additional mobile cranes.

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