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Here at Walls Construction Limited, we recognise that Electric vehicles [EVs] have already become a primary way companies are driving their ESG goals forward because they reduce emissions and support clean energy initiatives.
At Walls, we believe ESG is an ongoing journey, not just a destination.
Over the last few months, as part of our responsibility and commitment to an emission-free future, we have been busy replacing our previous fleet with fully electric vehicles.
With multiple EV Charging Stations already in place at our HQ, we are well on our way to playing our part in reducing toxic emissions to help repair our precious planet.
This picture shows some of the new Walls fleet pictured outside our HQ in North Dublin, with many more EVs to be added in the coming months and years.
#cleanenergy #electricvehicles #future #repairourplanet
a picture of a car parked in front of a building