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Walls of Kindness.

It is the 1st of December, and Christmas is coming…

At Walls Construction Limited, we continuously look for different ways to play our part in helping local communities and giving back where possible.

In the heart of Dublin’s City Centre, the team at our College Square site have set up a “Wall of Kindness” (pictured) where clothing donations are left for those in need. The Wall of Kindness is an international charity phenomenon that emerged in Iran in the freezing winter of 2015 and was for homeless people who battled with awful conditions.

The wall allows people to donate clothing that is surplus to their own requirements. The motto is “Leave what you don’t need, take what you do.” Our ESG team at HQ are busy collecting donations from our staff and delivering the clothing to the site as it is required.

This is most important during the cold months of winter, particularly as homelessness increases and costs of living hit the most vulnerable.

We hope that it provides some comfort to those who are in need.

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